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Career Resources

The MacMillan Center is home to the Jackson Institute Office of Career Services. The mission of the office is to promote global affairs careers through providing resources and events to students across Yale. This office provides weekly e-newsletters advertising relevant events and job posting links, workshops, speakers, open office hours, online resources, and a resource room on campus. Specific programming for Global Affairs majors and International Relations master’s students is also offered, including trips to Washington, D.C., and New York City. Other master’s students at MacMillan who are interested in global affairs may attend these trips with the approval of the MacMillan Center.

The office collaborates with the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs, of which the Macmillan Center is a founding member, to coordinate joint recruitment and career development programs. The director of career services brings the insights from this international network back to the University through collaborations with its parallel offices in Yale College, the Graduate School, and the professional schools.

For more information on Jackson’s Office of Career Services, please visit http://jackson.yale.edu/career-development.

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Additional Career Resources

Students at MacMillan who are not interested in global affairs careers can take advantage of other resources across campus. Undergraduates are encouraged to take full advantage of the programming and advising offered by the Office of Career Services at Yale College, and graduate students can find resources through the Graduate School’s Office of Career Services.

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Summer Experience

Internships are highly encouraged by all of the master’s programs at the MacMillan Center. Internships often take place between a student’s first and second year in the program and last ten to twelve weeks. Some students take advantage of the summer to conduct a research project or to further their language study.

To assist students in choosing internships or conducting research without regard to compensation, the MacMillan Center has a variety of funding sources to which students may apply.

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Graduates of the International Relations and Area Studies master’s programs are a diverse group, and this diversity is reflected in their career paths. Upon graduation, roughly 28 percent of graduates enter the private sector (primarily financial services and consulting), 32 percent enter the public sector (U.S. and foreign governments, as well as international organizations), 30 percent enter the nonprofit sector, and 10 percent pursue further study (law, business, Ph.D.).

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