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Lillian Goldman Law Library

In Memory of Sol Goldman

The Lillian Goldman Library is located within the heart of the Yale Law School complex, providing the Law School community with ready access to one of the world’s finest collections of printed legal materials. These collections are complemented by access to a sophisticated array of online sources, as well as the strong collections housed nearby at approximately fifteen other campus libraries, including the Sterling Memorial Library and the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. The law library supports the needs of twenty-first-century legal researchers by integrating access to print and online sources throughout the library.

The law library’s collections, both print and digital, include an especially rich assortment of texts and treatises emphasizing law and the social sciences and humanities, reflecting Yale’s traditionally broad approach to the study of law. The long-standing international interests of the Law School are also supported by a 250,000-volume foreign and international law collection. Basic U.S. materials include the reported state and federal court decisions, statutes and administrative rules, regulations, and decisions, together with related finding aids. The domestic law materials for countries other than the United States consist of primary and secondary sources for most European jurisdictions and many other countries around the world, collected both in English and the vernacular, with an emphasis on English-language materials for secondary sources. The library maintains approximately 10,000 active serial titles and receives nearly every newly published academic press title in law. The library’s rare book collections are among the best of any law library in the world and include strong holdings of English legal history sources, including an unmatched collection of Blackstone editions. The rare book collection also has substantial holdings of Roman law, American trials, and illustrated law books.

Research at Yale is supported further by the diverse collections of other campus libraries, which hold some fourteen million print volumes of books and serials, spanning nearly all areas of human knowledge, as well as an extensive array of online research sources. These libraries are fully available to all members of the Yale Law School community.

Members of the Law School community enjoy easy, integrated access to legal information in all formats. The library organizes access to its large selection of online resources through a series of Web pages. Its online catalogue, MORRIS, enhances access to printed collections and includes all of the library’s bibliographic records, with links to online versions of the same documents. MORRIS also includes the major legal periodical indexes and provides a convenient link to the online catalogue of the Yale University Library. Full-text sources of digitized legal information are among the best of any law library worldwide. These include the major commercial services, such as WESTLAW, LEXIS, and Bloomberg Law, supplemented by many other online resources, including a growing number of digitized documents loaded by the library.

Library hours and services are structured to meet the needs of the Yale Law School community. Services are provided by a professional staff of librarians—most with dual degrees in law and library science—and technology specialists who offer training, support, and advice to library users in their efforts to find information. Individual reference support is offered most weekdays until late evening and during daytime hours on weekends. In addition, professional librarians offer a wide array of legal research courses and training programs throughout the year.

Interlibrary loan, document delivery, and paging further supplement services to students and faculty. For materials not available at the Lillian Goldman Library, the library provides free interlibrary borrowing services for members of the Law School community, and the rich resources of the other Yale campus libraries are made readily available to Yale Law School users through a free campus document delivery service.

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