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Institute students are enrolled both in the Institute and in the School of Music and/or the Divinity School. Institute students must follow the curriculum of their respective schools to receive their degrees. They must also follow the curriculum of the ISM to receive the ISM Certificate and maintain their financial aid. See the chapter Programs of Study for information about the ISM program requirements.

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Degrees with Yale School of Music

Master of Music

A two-year postbaccalaureate degree in musical performance, this program includes intensive study of a primary discipline (e.g., keyboard, conducting, composition), augmented with theoretical and historical studies.

Doctor of Musical Arts

The Doctor of Musical Arts degree provides intensive training in the student’s major field—performance, conducting, or composition—supported by studies in theoretical and historical subjects. Yale University awards the D.M.A. degree to those who have successfully completed four terms of residential requirements; who, during a three-year postresidential period, demonstrate their qualifications for the doctorate through distinguished achievements in the profession; and who successfully complete the final recital and oral examination. More information about the D.M.A. can be found in the bulletin of the School of Music.

Artist Diploma

This diploma is offered to applicants who hold a master’s degree or the professional equivalent. Although a fundamental knowledge of musicianship and the history of Western music is presumed, candidates will be tested in these areas when they enter the program. Minimum performance requirements for each year of residence are one solo recital, one major ensemble performance, and one performance of a work for soloist and orchestra. Students who have completed the Master of Music degree at Yale may complete the work in one academic year; those who have earned the M.M. or its equivalent elsewhere will be in residence for two years.

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Degrees with Yale Divinity School

Master of Arts in Religion

This two-year program offers the opportunity to prepare for new and special forms of ministry that do not require ordination. Students may elect to complete either a comprehensive program that introduces the basic theological disciplines, or a concentrated program of study in preparation for one of the many forms of lay ministry or service.

The Comprehensive Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.)

The Comprehensive M.A.R. Program emphasizes general studies in the basic theological disciplines and offers maximum curricular flexibility. Institute students in this program use their electives for further graduate-level study in music and the arts. Some matriculate in doctoral programs in religious studies or musicology or other fields.

The Concentrated Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.)

The Concentrated M.A.R. Program in Religion and the Arts (either the visual arts, literature, or music) or in Liturgical Studies integrates basic course work at the Divinity School with studies on the graduate level within the professional schools and the Graduate School department appropriate to the concentration. Sufficient undergraduate preparation in the concentration for work on the graduate level is required.

Extended degree program An extended degree program is offered for selected students in the concentrated M.A.R. programs. This allows students to take up to six additional three-hour courses during a third academic year in the program. There are two selection rounds, the first in the fall term and the second in the spring term. Information about application procedures and deadlines is found in the chapter Admissions.

Master of Divinity

The degree of Master of Divinity (M.Div.) certifies completion of a program of theological studies designed primarily, although not exclusively, to prepare the candidate for ordination to the Christian ministry. ISM students pursuing the M.Div. will demonstrate an interest in interdisciplinary study in sacred music, worship, and the arts.

Master of Sacred Theology

This program is available to graduates of theological schools who have completed the Master of Divinity degree or equivalent. It is designed to provide advanced training for a specialized form of service. The area of specialization should be proposed at the time of application. ISM provides a maximum of one year or equivalent of financial support to students in this degree.

Transfer Students

All YDS students who transfer to the ISM shall attend the ISM Colloquium for the remaining time in their program. The requirements for the number of ISM courses and the Colloquium presentation may be adjusted. The students are otherwise required to fulfill all curricular requirements expected of ISM students.

M.A.R. students in the ISM who wish to transfer to the M.Div. program must apply to the ISM faculty for admission and a third year of ISM funding. Applications are due by October 1 of the third term of a student’s concentrated M.A.R. program. Admission and funding decisions will be announced by November 15 of that term.

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Joint Degrees

The School of Music and Divinity School participate in a number of joint-degree programs. Institute students interested in applying to such programs should consult the ISM director.

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