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Annual Awards


The Alice Kimball English Traveling Fellowships, the School’s oldest and largest endowed fellowships, established in 1893, are awarded annually for travel and study. In 2012 the following students were nominated for this honor: Graphic Design—Suck Zoo Han, Nontsikelelo Kudzai Mutiti; Painting/Printmaking—Claudia Cecilia Cortinez, Joyce Wadiahendo Kalema; Photography—Pao Houa Her, Tommy Kha; Sculpture—Thomas Luke Hutton, Shelby Cai Voice.

The Robert Schoelkopf Memorial Traveling Fellowship is awarded annually to a painting/printmaking student for travel abroad between the first and second years of the program.

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Scholarships and Prizes

The following prizes are awarded annually to enrolled students who have demonstrated exceptional achievement:

  • Richard Benson Prize for excellence in photography
  • Blair Dickinson Memorial Prize for the woman whose whole person demonstrates a developing consciousness, a personal vision, and a spirit of search
  • Gloucester Landscape Painting Prize for excellence in landscape painting
  • Al Held Prizes for Painting providing residencies at the American Academy in Rome
  • Ralph Mayer Prize for proficiency in materials and techniques
  • Fannie B. Pardee Prize for excellence in sculpture
  • William Pardee Prize for excellence in publication
  • Schickle-Collingwood Prize in recognition of exceptional development and progress by a first-year student
  • Carol Schlosberg Memorial Prize for excellence in painting
  • Bradbury Thompson Memorial Prize for consistent excellence in graphic design
  • Ethel Childe Walker Prize in recognition of exceptional artistic development by an undergraduate student majoring in art

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Honorary Awards

The following honorary awards are made each year by the faculty and the dean to enrolled students, on the basis of professional promise:

  • Phelps Berdan Memorial Award for distinction in painting/printmaking
  • George R. Bunker Award in recognition of an outstanding student in painting/printmaking
  • Ward Cheney Memorial Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in performance and composition
  • Elizabeth Canfield Hicks Award for outstanding achievement in drawing or painting from nature
  • Rebecca Taylor Porter Award for distinction in sculpture
  • Ely Harwood Schless Award for excellence in painting
  • John Ferguson Weir Award in recognition of an outstanding student in the School
  • Susan H. Whedon Award in recognition of an outstanding student in sculpture
  • Helen Watson Winternitz Award in recognition of an outstanding student in painting/printmaking

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Award Recipients, 2012

  • Alice Kimball English Traveling Fellowships, Claudia Cecilia Cortinez, Pao Houa Her, Joyce Wadiahendo Kalema, Nontsikelelo Kudzai Mutiti
  • Robert Schoelkopf Memorial Traveling Fellowship, Thomas Pu Chung
Scholarships and prizes
  • Richard Benson Prize, Peter J. Baker
  • Blair Dickinson Memorial Prize, Sonia Lee Finley
  • Gloucester Landscape Painting Prize, Andrea Elizabeth Cofield
  • Al Held Prizes, Kyle Michael Coniglio, Wayde McIntosh
  • Ralph Mayer Prize, Gabriela Collins-Fernandez
  • Fannie B. Pardee Prize, Randi Lynn Shandroski
  • William Pardee Prizes, Maxime Harvey-Carrière, Jaewon Seok
  • Schickle-Collingwood Prize, Njoki W. Gitahi
  • Carol Schlosberg Memorial Prize, Julia Ann Bland
  • Bradbury Thompson Memorial Prize, Ryan James Weafer
  • Ethel Childe Walker Prize, Madeline Patricia Kelly
Honorary awards
  • Phelps Berdan Memorial Award, Kristian Andrew Henson
  • George R. Bunker Award, Stephen Miguel Decker
  • Ward Cheney Memorial Award, Katie R. Koti
  • Elizabeth Canfield Hicks Award, Rushern Leslie Baker IV
  • Rebecca Taylor Porter Award, Weiyi Li
  • Ely Harwood Schless Memorial Fund Award, Evan Ryan Nesbit
  • John Ferguson Weir Award, So-Yoon Richard Choi
  • Susan H. Whedon Award, Kit Yi Wong
  • Helen W. Winternitz Award, Tameka Jenean Norris
  • Gamblin Paint Prize, Kathryn Joan Gegenheimer
  • Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship, David Valentine Whelan, Jr.
  • Tierney Foundation Fellowship, Thomas Edward Gardiner
Alumni awards

The following distinguished awards were made to School of Art alumni in 2012:

  • Anonymous Was a Woman Foundation Grant, Ann Agee (M.F.A. Painting 1986), Judy Pfaff (M.F.A. Painting 1973), Jessica Stockholder (M.F.A. Sculpture 1985)
  • Creative Capital Visual Arts Grants, Lisa Sigal (M.F.A. Painting 1989), Amy Yao (M.F.A. Sculpture 2007)
  • Faber-Castell International Drawing Award, Trisha Donnelly (M.F.A. Sculpture 2000)
  • John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowhips, Ellen Altfest (M.F.A. Painting 1997), Matt Connors (M.F.A. Painting 2006), Dornith Doherty (M.F.A. Photography 1988)
  • John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Grant, An-My Lé (M.F.A. Photography 1993)
  • Joan Mitchell Foundation Grants, Rachel Berwick (M.F.A. Sculpture 1991), Melissa Brown (M.F.A. Painting 1999), Abigail DeVille (M.F.A. Painting 2011)

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