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International Students

Admission Requirements for International Students

All international student applicants for the 2014–2015 academic year at the Yale School of Architecture must complete the General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Program (see Standardized Examinations in the chapter Admissions).

In addition, all applicants whose native language is not English are required to take the Internet-based test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT), a test that includes a section on spoken English (see Standardized Examinations in the chapter Admissions).

Any transcripts, letters of reference, or other application material written in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified translation.

In order to receive visa documentation, international students must submit proof that income from all sources will be sufficient to meet expenses for that year of study. Each student accepting admission to the School must submit an International Student Certification of Finances form. This form, available from the Registrar’s Office or accessible on our Web site (www.architecture.yale.edu), is due April 15 with acceptance of the admission offer. It must be completed and signed by the parents (and spouse, if applicable) of an international applicant, and must include all bank and tax information.

See the chapter Admissions for further admission requirements.

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Language Skills

All course work at the School is conducted in English. Enrolled students who have difficulties with the English language, whether written or spoken, will be required to take extra courses in its use before they are promoted within their program. Students requiring such courses are responsible for any added tuition cost(s). Financial aid for such English language courses is not available.

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Financial Aid for International Students

See the chapter Financial Assistance for the Master’s Programs for general information regarding financial aid.

International students wishing to apply for financial aid are required to complete two financial aid applications: (1) the International Student Financial Aid Application and (2) the International Student Certification of Finances. These forms may be obtained online at www.architecture.yale.edu/intlfinancialaid.

If no parental information is provided, a student will be considered for only an Individual Resource Scholarship.

If a student would like to be considered for a Family Resource Scholarship, parental income and asset information regarding both parents must be provided in the two application forms. For separated, divorced, or unmarried parents, one parent must complete the two application forms, and the other parent must complete and submit a “Parent Financial Statement.” Parental information submitted in the “Parent Financial Statement” will not be released to students without parental consent. The “Parent Financial Statement” may be found at www.architecture.yale.edu/intlfinancialaid and must be submitted directly to the School’s Financial Aid Office.

The deadline for completing the International Student Financial Aid Application and the International Student Certification of Finances is February 1, 2014. Students who miss this deadline may jeopardize their eligibility for need-based scholarship. Students who complete their applications in a timely manner can expect to receive notice of a financial aid determination with an offer of admission.

Through Yale’s International Student Loan Program, the School may offer loans to international students who are unable to obtain a loan in their home country. Although the Yale loan may not meet a student’s entire financial need, it does not require a co-signer. Yale International Student Loans have a ten-year repayment period, a 5 percent origination fee, a six-month grace period following separation or graduation from the University, and a fixed interest rate of 7.75 percent. Interest from these loans accrues during the in-school period and can be capitalized at the end of the grace period.

After admission to the Yale School of Architecture, students are required to complete a verification process, which includes submission (translated into English) of the student’s tax returns or alternative documentation of income and, if a Family Resource Scholarship is awarded, also the submission of the parents’ tax returns or alternative documentation of income. The School reserves the right to adjust a student’s scholarship award if the actual income or asset information of the student, parent, or spouse is different from the original information estimated on the financial aid application(s).

Students on financial aid are required to reapply for need-based scholarship each spring for the following academic year. Barring any significant changes in a student’s financial circumstances (including parental and spousal information), students can generally expect their scholarship awards to be renewed in subsequent years. However, scholarship awards continue only through the normal length of time required to complete the program of study to which the student was admitted.

See also Additional Sources of Funding in the chapter Financial Assistance for the Master’s Programs.

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Office of International Students and Scholars

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) coordinates services and support for Yale’s nearly 4,500 international students, faculty, staff, and their dependents. OISS staff provides assistance with issues related to employment, immigration, and personal and cultural adjustment, as well as serves as a source of general information about living at Yale and in New Haven. As Yale University’s representative for immigration concerns, OISS can provide assistance to students, faculty, and staff on how to obtain and maintain legal nonimmigrant status in the United States. All international students and scholars must register with OISS as soon as they arrive at Yale; see www.yale.edu/oiss/coming/arrival/oiss.

OISS programs, like the Community Friends hosting program, daily English conversation groups, U.S. culture workshops and discussions, bus trips, and social events, provide an opportunity to meet members of Yale’s international community and become acquainted with the many resources of Yale University and New Haven. Spouses and partners of Yale students and scholars will want to get involved with the International Spouses and Partners at Yale (ISPY), which organizes a variety of programs for the spouse and partner community.

The OISS Web site (www.yale.edu/oiss) provides useful information to students and scholars prior to and upon arrival in New Haven, as well as throughout their stay at Yale. International students, scholars, and their families and partners can connect with OISS and the Yale international community virtually through several listservs and Facebook.

OISS is housed in the International Center for Yale Students and Scholars, which provides a welcoming venue for students and scholars who want to peruse resource materials, check their e-mail, and meet up with a friend or colleague. Open until 9 p.m. on weekdays during the academic year, the center—located at 421 Temple Street, across the street from Helen Hadley Hall—also provides meeting space for student groups and a venue for events organized by both student groups and University departments. For more information about reserving space at the center, send a message to oiss@yale.edu or call 203.432.2305. For information about the center, visit www.yale.edu/oiss/about/icenter.

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