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These lists are intended to give you an idea of what types projects have been done in the past. By all means, they are not the only projects available. Projects are listed with comments about the volunteers' experiences with them as well as the volunteer name if you are considering a project and would like to talk to the volunteer.

Please do not order a project that has failed in the past unless you know how to avoid the problems previous groups have experienced. In general, do not order projects that require lots of soldering (too difficult for middle schoolers), require technical skills that the volunteer cannot provide (i.e., making a computer program or building a radio), anything dangerous and could cause harm to the student or anyone or anything around (i.e., fire-powered rocket kits), and any dissections involving domestic animals (i.e., skinned cats!!). If ordering a project from NASCO, please look at the age group for which the project is intended.

Additionally, SMArT cannot allow growing pets, and you should be warned that growing even plants is difficult unless the student tends to them at home; in the past, the most successful projects dealing with plants have had the cooperation of a teacher who agreed to look after the plants during the week.

Have fun this semester with SMArT!

Lindsey Powell
Director - SMArT

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