Other Papers
Manuscripts under review  
  • Liverence, B. M., & Scholl, B. J. (under review). Selective attention increases sampling rates in visual awareness.  

  • Choi, H., & Scholl, B. J. (under review). Incidental change blindness in an extremely simple event.  

  • Gao, T., New, J. J., & Scholl, B. J. (under review). The wavering wolf: Perceived intentionality controls attentive tracking.  

  • Gao, T., Scholl, B. J., & McCarthy, G. (under review). The perception of animacy pervades visual processing: Selective engagement of cortical regions associated with faces and motion.  

  • New, J. J., & Scholl, B. J. (under review). Motion-induced blindness for dynamic events: Further explorations of the 'perceptual scotoma' hypothesis.  

Other manuscripts
  • Scholl, B. J., & Gao, T. (in preparation). Seeing minds in motion: The perception of animacy and intentionality. Invited review to appear in Annual Review of Psychology.  

  • Chen, H., & Scholl, B. J. (in preparation). Congruence with items held in visual working memory boosts invisible stimuli into awareness: Evidence from motion-induced blindness.  

  • Chen, H., & Scholl, B. J. (in preparation). The role of visual change in driving motion-induced blindness: Attentional competition vs. perceptual scotomas.  

  • Raila, H., Gruber, J., & Scholl, B. J. (in preparation). Moving toward but looking away: Induced approach motivation decreases attention to positive stimuli.  

  • Meyerhoff, H. S., & Scholl, B. J. (in preparation). Auditory-induced bouncing is a visual (rather than a cognitive) phenomenon: Evidence from illusory crescents.  

  • Alvarez, G. A., White, A., & Scholl, B. J. (in preparation). The role of spatiotemporal stability in attentional selection.  

  • Scholl, B. J. (in preparation). Academic authorship and the replaceability principle.  

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