Copyright 1996 PC Lube and Tune (Howard Gilbert)

The documents in PC Lube and Tune are copyrighted. Individuals are granted the right to fetch this information through the network, hold them temporarily in computer memory, and view them on a computer screen. Anyone can freely point to these articles or to any URL on PC Lube and Tune in any Web document which is publicly available on the Internet.

A license is hereby granted to teachers in colleges or high school to use part or all of any material posted on PC Lube and Tune in classes taught for credit. However, all use of the material for corporate training, non-credit courses, or other commercial purposes requires a license from the author.

In simple terms, this is personal work done on personal time. It is available for the personal benefit of anyone who cares to browse the material. However, this is just a sample of the material that can be presented and the topics that can be covered. PCLT will bring a return on its investment if companies choose to mount this and other material under license as part of a formal training program, or as a form of online help to users, or as a service to users or customers.

Therefore, without a license (except for college and high school courses) you may not copy this material to disk, mount it on a server, print it out and distribute copies, or in any other way make a tangible copy of the copyrighted material. Feel free to point to PCLT files from any public Internet server, but you must fetch the data from the original server.

Access rights are restricted to individuals. Individuals within a company can discuss PCLT files freely in printed or electronic forums. However, a company cannot identify PCLT as a formal resource in a company training program. User support staff cannot document PCLT files as a source of help to users. PCLT files may not be accessed, even directly from the PCLT server, in a classroom, presentation, or any other formal company setting. Instead, the company should obtain a licensed copy of the files and mount them on a local file server.

There are lots of local service stations all over the real highway system. The PCLT "vision" holds that network delivery of formatted compound and multimedia documents represents the best use of current technology to deliver training, help, support, and documentation. This vision is not limited to computer topics. Any company can use this technology to distribute its own information to employees and customers. Nor is this technology limited to the Internet, since PCLT files can be mounted on Novell or any other file server.

PCLT is ready to license the public files for corporate distribution, to provide additional material not publicly available, to assist in the development of internal network servers, and to assist companies in the production of new material for network distribution.

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Some images in PCLT documents come from the Presentation Task Force product copyrighted by New Vision Technologies, Inc. and are included under terms of their license.