Howard Gilbert


PCLT is a private project of Howard Gilbert. By day, a Senior Research Programmer at Computing and Information Systems, Yale University. At night and on weekends, doomed to wander the Information Highway in search of Netvana. All opinions are those of the author, who not only does not speak for Yale University, but after 20 years of employment has yet to find anyone else who does. To contact the author:


Legacy System: 175 Whitney Ave. - New Haven, CT. 06520

Multimedia: 203-432-6608


Version 1.0 - Mainframe MVS Systems Programmer
Author of VSAPL for TSO, Global Shared Access to VSAM Datasets

Version 1.1 - Instructor for Computer Systems Research (now part of SRA)
MVS Internal Structure and Design
Live Lecture [thousands of satisfied students]
Self-Study (Video+Text) from SRA

Version 2.0 - Mainframe Communications
Co-author of Yale ASCII Communications System, IBM 7171 microcode

Version 3.0 - PC Communication
Co-author of IBM LAN Asynchronous Connection Server I and II
Yale Multiprotocol Gateway

Version 3.1 - Enterprise Communications
Co-author of Yale TCP/IP-APPC Gateway (TAG)

Version 3.2 - Enterprise Connectivity Curriculum (Video+Text from SRA)
MVS ESA Exploitation (Video)

Version 4.0 [Beta] Chief Mechanic, PC Lube and Tune


Receding hair line
Kids in college