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May 24, 2002Volume 30, Number 30Two-Week Issue

This original artwork by Denver Lindley Jr. adorns the poster for the reunion exhibition.

Works by '1952's Authors
and Artists' to be displayed

Art and literature by members of the Yale College Class of 1952 will be featured in an exhibition honoring the classmates' 50th reunion.

The exhibit, which is titled "1952's Authors and Artists," will be on display May 30-July 31in the Memorabilia Room at Sterling Memorial Library, 120 High St.

Altogether 54 alumni from the Class of 1952 have contributed their works for the show, which seeks to present in an eclectic fashion the classmates' achievements in their fields over the past 50 years. The class will celebrate its 50th reunion June 6-9. (See related story).

The artworks on display will include watercolors, oil paintings, pen-and-ink drawings, cartoons, architectural renditions, photographs and a woodcarving. The exhibit will also feature books, articles, poems and short stories ranging from scholarly works by leading professors to lighter writings by classmates during their retirement. The subject matter includes government, philosophy, economics, ethics, religion, psychology, history, business management, architecture, communications, physics, television, theater and art.

Paraphrasing a 1977 article in the Wall Street Journal by classmate Alfred Malabre, exhibit organizer Larry Norton says, "We are not the silent generation we are accused of being. If reunion attendees come away with a greater respect for our class, the individuals who taught them, and a few new friends, then our goal will be reached. ... We hope that students and other members of the Yale community will find ideas here that inspire them to greater intellectual pursuits."


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Works by '1952's Authors and Artists' to be displayed

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Art gallery to showcase 'outsider art' at special fundraising event . . .

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City gallery features national exhibition juried by Yale sculptor

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