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February 4, 2000Volume 28, Number 19

Dorothy Woodson has won awards for her library work documenting African history and national affairs.

Africana specialist Woodson
is new curator of Yale collection

Dorothy Woodson, whose successful efforts to return primary documents to the African countries of their origin have earned her international stature, has joined the University Library staff as curator of the Africana Collection.

Woodson comes to Yale from the State University of New York at Buffalo, where she has served since 1984 as subject specialist for African American studies, American studies, anthropology, geography, political science, sociology and women's studies. She is also noted for documenting the national identity and history of Swaziland, for organizing surviving documents and archival materials of the apartheid prisons in South Africa, and for her writings on several African political and cultural leaders.

At Yale, she will administer one of the oldest and most distinguished Africana collections in the United States, including its concentrations of material on Anglophone Southern, Eastern, Central and Western Africa. In addition, she will oversee services to Yale students and faculty members, as well as to researchers worldwide.

Woodson, who earned a M.L.S. from SUNY Buffalo, began her work at that school in 1976. She also held positions there as collection development coordinator and interlibrary loan librarian, among others.

Woodson has won two Fulbright Scholarships and a U.S. Information Agency fellowship in support of her work in Swaziland and South Africa. She is active in professional library associations and has close ties with Africana librarians and archivists in all of the major collections in the United States, as well as many abroad.


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