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OISS distributes a weekly e-newsletter every Thursday during the academic year to keep you informed about changes in U.S. immigration and tax regulations, activities and programs at the International Center and elsewhere around campus, and general updates that may be helpful to you during your stay at Yale.

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Other Email Groups

McDougal Notes
The McDougal Center’s Office for Graduate Student Life sends weekly announcements of interest to Grad/Prof students and Postdocs in its McDougal Life Notes. Events are also posted on their Web Calendar.

To sign up for the Mcdougal Life Notes, visit the Student Life Web site and click on the "Subscribe to E-Notes" link in the right-hand column. Special interest lists include announcement for families with kids, and for public service/volunteering.

In addition, McDougal offices of Careers, Diversity, Teaching and Writing send announcements of events open to Graduate School (GSAS) Students. See the McDougal Web site for links to these offices.

Yale University Subscription Service
Use your NetID to subscribe to receive updates from a variety of campus organizations and offices, including the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS), Whitney Humanities Center, Center for British Art, Art Gallery, and more! Those without a NetID may also subscribe.


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