Non-Yale Health Insurance

If you are an exchange visitor and have not arranged adequate health insurance coverage before leaving home, you will want to arrange at least the minimum coverage as described in the section “J-1 Health Insurance Requirement”. The OISS has a number of brochures detailing health insurance programs for international students and scholars and there many resources listed on this Web page.

Shopping for Insurance Plans

If you are planning to purchase non-Yale health insurance, you will want to research the best plan and rates for your particular situation. When deciding how much coverage to purchase, some points to consider are:

  • How much of a monthly premium can you afford?
  • Do you need individual or family coverage?
  • Do you require coverage for routine visits and emergency care, or just emergency care?
  • Do you want prescription coverage also?
  • Do you have an existing medical condition for which you will require treatment during your stay at Yale?
  • What is the deductible?

When considering your options, keep in mind that routine visits to a doctor will cost approximately $100 to $150 per visit, which does not include any tests or medications you may need. A trip to the emergency room will cost at least twice that amount, and a day in the hospital could cost thousands of dollars. Prescription drugs can also be quite costly, with a single prescription possibly costing $100 or more.

All visitors to the U.S. will want to have at least accident insurance coverage to cover any emergency care or hospitalizations. If you are a J-1 visa holder you are required to hold a specific minimum coverage as described on this Web site.



Low-Cost Healthcare

There are few low-cost health care options for the uninsured. If you have not purchased comprehensive coverage and need routine care, you may want to visit one of these private, low-cost health care clinics. Their services include internal (adult) medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, on-site laboratory, nutrition, urgent visits, mental health counseling and dental services. Many staff members are bilingual Spanish/ English. No appointment is necessary, but you may have a shorter wait if you call in advance to schedule an appointment. They charge on a sliding scale, which means that you are charged according to your income. You will need to bring along a current paystub or other official proof of support.

Health & Safety

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Low-Cost Healthcare

Hill Health Center
428 Columbus Ave
(24 hour number for registered patients)

Dixwell Health Center
226 Dixwell Ave

Women’s Health Services
911 State St
(Gynecology and low-cost pregnancy termination)


Non-Yale Health Insurance