Medex: Travel Assistance

MEDEX is a benefit provided at no cost to all students, faculty and staff members. This program provides medical, personal safety and travel-related emergency assistance while traveling domestically or abroad, including medical evacuation and repatriation. In the event you sustain an injury, become ill, are hospitalized, have personal safety concerns or incur any travel-related emergency, call MEDEX at the toll-free numbers listed on the identification card 24-hours a day – 365 days a year. MEDEX cards and program description guides are available online or by contacting Diana Winslow at You will want to familiarize yourself with coverage terms and conditions prior to any travel. If dependents are in the U.S. with you, you will want to purchase the MEDEX benefit for approximately $4.00 per month. Call Haylor, Freyer & Coon at 800-289-1501 and ask for a college specialist. MEDEX is not affiliated with YHP.