Spouse/Family Healthcare

It is extremely important that any member of your family who accompanies you to the U.S. has adequate health insurance and access to health care. (J-2 dependents are required to have insurance). In preparing your budget, you must be sure that you can meet health insurance expenses.

Yale Health Plan — 2-Person or Family Plan

For students or employees covered by Yale Health Plan, you will probably want to add your accompanying spouse or same-sex domestic partner and/or family (dependent children under the age of nineteen) to your insurance. Spouses, same-sex domestic partners and family are not automatically enrolled simply because the student or employee is a member, so you will have to request it and pay an additional premium. For employees, faculty, postdocs and visiting scholars on Yale Health Plan, dependents must be enrolled within the first 30 days of your employment or event (such as birth or adoption) or during the yearly fall open enrollment period. Students may enroll a spouse, same-sex partner and/or dependent children and in Yale Health Plan by annually filing an application with the YHP Member Services Department and by paying the additional premium each semester. The family enrollment form for student dependents must be filled out yearly and turned in by Sept. 15.

Non-Yale Insurance

If you are not on Yale Health Plan, you will want to shop around for the coverage that best meets your needs as a family. See the sections on Non-Yale Health Insurance and Shopping for Insurance Plans for information and suggestions.

Immunizations for Public Schools or Daycare

If you have children who will be attending public schools or daycare, you will be required to show proof of immunization, including D.P.T. (diptheria, pertussis, tetanus). It is helpful to bring copies of medical records and proof of immunization from your country.


Health & Safety

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