Dental & Vision Care

A dental and vision health care discount plan is available for Yale students to purchase through the Co-Health Group. Enroll anytime and then the program is good for one year from the date of enrollment. Obtain information and enrollment forms online or call YHP Member Services at 432-0246.

For postdocs, visiting scholars, and Yale employees, you may be eligible to buy into Yale sponsored dental insurance. Go to for more information. Dental insurance is also available through some private companies, but before purchasing any dental plan, you would want to compare the cost with the benefits since the premiums can be quite high in relation to the percentage of reimbursement. Go to to compare dental insurance plans available in the New Haven area.

In the U.S. dental work can be quite expensive. Without dental insurance, you will be responsible for the full cost of any dental work you have done while in New Haven. If you know you need extensive dental work, you may wish to have it taken care of while you are at home. Should you need dental care in the U.S., it’s a good idea to ask someone to recommend a good dentist

The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) has put together a list of dentists that have agreed to give Yale graduate students who don’t have insurance a special discount on various services. For information on these dentists, visit the Graduate Student Assembly Web site. Most likely, even if you are not a graduate student, if you have a Yale I.D., you can still take advantage of the discount, and should make sure you mention that you are with Yale when you call to inquire about fees or make an appointment.

Dental Emergencies

YNHH has a full service dental clinic; for routine visits and dental emergencies. They are no longer accepting new patients for routine visits. They will however take emergencies, which includes acute pain, bleeding or infection. Private insurances are not accepted, but you can self-pay. Always inquire about fees before a visit. To make an appointment call 688-2464. Their web address is Some private dentists handle dental emergencies as well, and you would need to look in the phone book yellow pages under dentists and call them for details.

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Cancelling Appointments

Most doctors and dentists have a 24 hour cancellation policy. This means that you must cancel an appointment no later than 24 hours in advance or you risk being charged a cancellation fee, which can be as much as the estimated cost of the visit. If you need to cancel last minute, make sure you clearly understand the cancellation policy first.