Alternative Healthcare

Alternative health care or alternative medicine generally refers to therapies not typically employed within traditional western medical practice. This includes natural medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, theraputic massage and more. In case you are interested in alternative health care options, here are some resources that have been recommended by students and scholars at Yale. Alternative health care may be covered by your private health insurance, and you would need to call your insurance company to check since policies vary widely.

Amadeus, 245 Bradley St, 787-0869, Diverse staff of accredited experts in alternative health care. Employs a multi-technique, holistic, hands-on means toward a healthier body and mind. First-place winner in Best Of New Haven 2005 poll.

Creative Body Therapies, 1079 Whalley Ave, 387-5015, Theraputic massage and yoga center.

Ginger Nash, N.D. Pediatric Naturopathic Physician, 21 Anderson St, New Haven, 777-7911.

Naturegene, 75 Whitney Ave, 865-5121. Dr. Gao and Dr. Du practice acupuncture, Chinese medicine and massage.

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Alternative Healthcare Resources

Natural Health Associates
2558 Whitney Ave
James Sensenig, N.D., Robin Ritterman, N.D. L.Ac. and Associates offer a full range of alternative medicine including naturopathic and Chinese medicine, chiropractic, licensed acupuncture, theraputic massage and much more.

Revive Wellness Center
Dr. Artemis Morris
Whalley Ave
Naturopathic family practice, acupuncture, Chinese and herbal medicine.

Denny Chiropractic & Acupunture
Dr. Eileen Denny
2842 Old Dixwell Ave
With a focus on optimal health, also offers nutritional counseling. Subspecialty in children and pregnant women.