Campus Life

It will take some time to become familiar with your new home, to find friends, and to know where to go for what on Yale’s sprawling campus or in the city of New Haven and surrounding areas. Actively gathering information and working to get to know others will help you to get quickly through the transition from being a visitor to feeling comfortable and a sense of belonging.

While Yale and the New Haven area are full of life, depending on what time of year you arrive and your affiliation at Yale, such as undergraduate or graduate student or scholar, you may find your initial experience to be a bit isolating, and you might wonder, “Where can I get to know others? Where is the life in this community? How will I ever fit in here?” Don’t despair, this Web site is a compilation of campus and community resources that will help you take initiative and find what you require to more fully appreciate and integrate into life on campus and in New Haven.

Get to know the many resources on campus and in New Haven, which may be indispensable, or of particular interest to the international community at Yale. These resources, including campus life centers, student and scholar clubs, religious groups, and more, serve both newcomers and members of this community who have grown to call New Haven home.

Campus Life

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Orientation Programs

At the beginning of each fall semester, numerous orientation and preorientation programs are offered by OISS, Yale College, Yale's graduate and professional schools, and specific departments within the university system.