Auditing Classes at Yale

Spouses and partners at Yale may be interested in auditing a course at Yale. This means you attend a course without requesting or receiving academic credit. To audit, begin by choosing the class you are interested in from the Yale course listing book (known as the Bluebook). Pick one up in early September, at HGS reception, 320 York St or Registrar’s Office, 246 Church St, 3rd Floor for a small fee or view it online.

You can either contact the professor/instructor ahead of time by email or go along to the first class to introduce yourself to the professor and ask if you may audit the class. Remember, it is OK for you to ask! This is generally no problem, even in the language classes, which are much smaller groups than the lectures. Your participation level in the class is dictated by the professor/instructor. Some would like you to fully participate in the discussion and assignments while others expect you to observe only. They should let you know. If they don’t, remember to ask.

If the professor/instructor says “no” to auditing the class, don’t take it personally. Sometimes they have restrictions according to departments, programs, et cetera. It’s not because they don’t want spouses/partners there!

Once you have permission from the instructor, you should pick up an auditing form from the Yale Summer Sessions Office, 55 Whitney Ave, 4th floor. You will need to have your Yale ID card to pick up those forms.

You will need to get a signature on that form from the professor of the course you are planning to audit. Then you have to go back to hand it in at 55 Whitney Ave, 4th floor. If you take several classes, you need to do this for each class. This is supposed to be done within the first two weeks of the term, but sometimes because Yale College has their shopping period for classes the first two weeks of the term, instructors may not give you a firm answer until the third week of classes.

Continuing Degree Studies

One option to explore is continuing your education while you are here. Please check with OISS as there may be immigration status implications for you. For registration and course information, go to Connecticut Mentor, an online source for information and applications for Connecticut’s Colleges and Universities at

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