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There are many centers of campus life at Yale and the resources discussed in this section will help you to begin to know some of them. Here you will find information about student and scholar centers and meeting places, host programs and e-mail lists, and even volunteer organizations, which can help you get connected.

For the postdoc or graduate and professional community in particular, it may be difficult to find campus life. Don’t sit in your lab or office waiting for it to find you. Familiarize yourself with campus social centers – by attending their events and making use of the facilities. Undergraduates, because they live in their colleges, are surrounded by campus life. However, even for undergraduates, it is important to make a regular effort to take a break from studies and join in the fun. Please email if you have questions about campus life!

International Center at Yale

The International Center for Students & Scholars at Yale (IC) is home to the Office of International Students & Scholars at Yale (OISS) and a center for campus life we hope you will get to know and visit often. Come to the IC to enjoy one of the center’s scheduled programs, or simply drop in to study, meet a friend, play a game of chess, enjoy complimentary hot chocolate, tea or coffee, surf the internet, browse the center’s resources and simply enjoy the welcoming space. The IC is open during the academic year to the Yale community from 8:30am to 9pm, Monday through Friday (open at 10am on Tuesday) for drop in visitors. Open Saturday & Sunday, and summer evenings by reservation only. Visit our events page for more information.

You may also come into the IC anytime with any visa or immigration inquiries, or concerns about your your adjustment to the Yale/New Haven community and more! There is always an OISS adviser available to answer your questions. For general questions, email the advising staff at

McDougal Graduate Student Center

The McDougal Center in the Hall of Graduate Studies is the center for graduate student life at Yale. In addition to graduate students and professional students, it welcomes (and encourages) all post-docs and visiting scholars, including spouses and partners to join in and make use of its facilities and many of its programs. The Office of Student Life and the Graduate Teaching Center provide a wide array of programs and activities open to all. Graduate Career Services provides career assistance to students and postdoctoral Fellows in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

The center has a computer cluster, conference and meeting rooms, a game room and a beautiful common room lounge area with a café (called The Blue Dog) that serves light snacks and refreshments. Gather informally with friends, relax, surf the net, watch TV, practice piano, or even do some studying. Visit the website for more information about events, and to sign up for their weekly email newsletter, Student Life Notes.

Check their Web calendar for events that include not only student and scholar life, but kids and families, community service, career services and teaching center activities. Some of the kinds of events you may find include:

  • First Friday at Five Happy Hour — Free beer, wine, soft drinks, and snacks the first Friday of every month.
  • Holiday Events — Watch for dinners, activities and events that celebrate the major holidays.
  • Parties — including the Winter Ball, and spring and summer barbecues.
  • Arts and music events — student concerts, poetry readings, and ticketed outings to local arts events.
  • English Conversation Groups, co-sponsored with OISS.

GPSCY — G&P Student Center at Yale

A popular gathering spot for Yale’s graduate and professional community and their guests. Gryphon’s Pub is a full service night club and bar – with a pool table and dance hall. Keep on the lookout for special events and happy hours. Membership required. Visit their Web site for details, including information on joining their email announcements of specials and events. Also possible to rent private party rooms.

The MacMillan Center

The Whitney & Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale is the University’s focal point for encouraging and coordinating teaching and research on international affairs, societies and cultures around the world. The Center brings international education and training to not only educators, the media, businesses, but also the community at large and to this end sponsors over 500 lectures, conferences, workshops, roundtables, symposia and film and art events each year. Most all events are open to the Yale community. Visit their Web site to check their events calendar often and sign up for their email list to receive regular events announcements.

Yale Women's Center

The Yale Women’s Center serves the members of the Yale and New Haven communities by providing resources, support and activities. In recognition of the fact that women have traditionally been denied a safe space of their own, the Center is proud to be such a space. Open for free use as well as for organized meetings and events, the Center, while open to men, seeks to provide a space for the women of Yale. The Center is staffed by volunteers and you can contact them for details about how to get involved.

Cultural Centers

The Cultural Centers at Yale provide many opportunities to attend a wide variety of events that reflect the cultural richness and diversity of the Yale campus. Each center also has a number of affiliated groups - mostly undergraduate. Contact the cultural centers directly for information about their organizations and events.

Campus Life

Contact Information

GPSCY — Gryphon's Pub
Graduate & Professional Student Center at Yale (GPSCY)
204 York St

The MacMillan Center
MacMillan Center for International & Area Studies at Yale
Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Ave

McDougal Graduate Student Center
Hall of Graduate Studies,
320 York St, Room 123

Yale Women's Center
198 Elm St (next to Durfee’s)

Slifka Center for Jewish Life
80 Wall St,
Has its own kosher dining facility. All are welcome.

Questions & Answers

Q: I am interested in starting a club or organization on campus, is there any funding available?

A: There are several funding sources on campus including The International Programming Fund (IPF), which is managed by the OISS at Yale. It is used to support the activities and events of Yale’s student and scholar clubs that promote international awareness and crosscultural understanding. E-mail to request an IPF application packet, or for general questions concerning funding possibilities and other organizational concerns for on-campus groups.


Q: I am not a school of music student, so where can I go to practice or make music with friends?

A: Graduate students have access to a Music Practice Room equipped with a well-maintained upright piano and music stands and chairs in the McDougal Center, 320 York St, Room B71. There is enough space for a small chamber group to rehearse. Open 5 to 11pm, weekdays and 11am to 11pm, weekends during the regular academic year. Pick up the key in Room HGS 123 or 120 by leaving your ID. There is a baby grand piano in the Common Room of the McDougal Center that can be played anytime except during the busy lunch time (11am to 2pm, weekdays) and when events are being held.

The piano in the chapel of the Slifka Center, 80 Wall St, 432-1134, is normally kept tuned and is available as long as the room is free, Yalies are welcome to go in anytime and play. Call for Slifka Center hours.