Car Rental

Car rental can be a more affordable option if you are traveling with a group or to a place not easily accessible by public transportation. There are many companies to choose from, so take the time to compare rates and other fees. Note that you must have a valid driver’s license and, in some cases, an International Driver’s Permit, in order to rent a car. Most rental car companies offer the option to purchase additional insurance. Check to see if you have rental car coverage through your credit card company and if not, keep in mind that you are responsible for any damage caused to the rental car.


Zip Car

Yale offers Zipcar on campus as a short term car rental option. A Zipcar membership allows you to pick up a car on campus and pay an hourly rate that includes the cost of gas and insurance.

Zipcar has recently made it easier for international students and scholars to register for membership using a foreign driver’s license. With your Zipcar membership, you also have access to their entire North American fleet (great for personal and professional travel).

Other Rental Resources

Union Station: 203-624-2161
Tweed Airport: 203-466-2847
Nationwide: 1-800-230-4898

323 George Street: 203-786-6584
Tweed Airport: 203-468-5704

408 Crown Street: 203-789-2252

Ernie & Sons
957 Foxon Rd, East Haven: 203-469-6507

1 George Street: 203-777-6861
Tweed Airport: 203-469-8826
Union Station (no office at this location): 203-777-6861

Marathon Car Rental
1351 Dixwell Ave, Hamden: 203-288-6884

U-Save Car & Truck Rental
244 Whalley Avenue: 203-772-1143