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Connecticut Transit (CTTRANSIT) is a network of bus service throughout the state. In New Haven a one-way fare within one zone costs $1.30 per person, payable in exact change (coins or bills). Or save and buy a 10-ride ticket (no expiration date) for $11.70, available online, by mail, or at various locations. Expect the buses to be occasionally slow and on an unreliable schedule, and you will not be disappointed. It will take you where you need to go to and from the downtown area, train station and surrounding neighborhoods.  You must close any baby strollers before boarding the bus. Buses have special carriers for bicycles.

To plan your trip, call the information line; tell them where you are and where you are going, and they will tell you the closest bus stops. You can also find schedules on-line or at various locations around campus. The public bus is a good way to reach places like the shopping areas in Hamden (J Whitney bus) and Orange/Milford along Rt 1 or outdoor recreation areas such as Sleeping Giant Park on Whitney Avenue in Hamden (J Whitney bus) or Lighthouse Park in East Haven (G bus).


Connecticut Taxi rates are currently $3.00 to start your trip and then $2.25 for each additional mile and $.25 per each 36 seconds of waiting time. Make sure that the drivers use the meter and are not charging you a flat rate.

You must call in advance to order a taxi. If you need to be on time to catch a train or go to the theater for example, call at least an hour in advance to give yourself plenty of time. You will typically have to wait anywhere between five to thirty minutes for a taxi pick-up, so it is advisable to always plan accordingly.

Tip the driver 15% of the total on the meter at the end of the ride. If you have a lot of luggage and the driver assists you, you may wish to tip a bit extra.

A normal fare from the New Haven train station to Yale’s International Center is approximately $8.00.



Bus Information

Connecticut Transit
Bus Service 
Monday to Saturday:
6:30am to 6:30pm
7:00am to 6:00pm
[Web site]

CT bus schedules and maps are available on the bus itself and at the following locations:

CT Transit Info booth
Chapel Street on the Green between Church Street and Temple Street

The International Center
421 Temple Street

New Haven Public Library
133 Elm Street

The McDougal Center
Hall of Graduate Studies
320 York Street

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