Determining your primary affiliation with Yale, will help you understand what direction to look in when making housing arrangements:



Housing Arrangements


Yale College Freshmen


Yale College freshmen will be assigned to a residential college in July. While most Yale College students will live on campus for four years, some juniors and seniors will opt to live off campus.


Graduate and Professional (G&P) students


Graduate and Professional (G&P) students seeking a Yale degree can find information about on-campus housing here. As on-campus housing is limited, many G&P students (including non-degree students) rent off-campus housing, which is plentiful and available in a range of prices, situations and conditions.   


Visiting scholars, postdocs, faculty and staff


Visiting scholars, postdocs and many staff and faculty at Yale live in the neighborhoods surrouding the campus. Off-campus housing is available in a range of prices and conditions and much of the housing is conveniently located within the free Yale Shuttle boundaries. 


waitSigning a Lease
sign a housing agreement (lease) for any property you have not seen in person. A lease is a legally binding agreement, and there are no legal provisions for easily breaking it.  Learn more about signing a lease



Contact information

Graduate Dorm Office
420 Temple Street

Graduate Apartments Office
420 Temple Street
[map this address]  


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Personal Property Insurance

Yale University does not assume resonsibility for personal property belonging to students, faculty or staff. The University urges all members of the commuity to obtain insruance to protect against the unlikely occurance of loss or damage to their personal belongings.