Non-Yale Healthcare

Health care costs in the U.S. are high, and it is essential that each person have the coverage that best suits their circumstances.  J-1 visa holders (both students and scholars) are required to hold a specific minimum coverage as described in the U.S. immigration regulations that govern the J-1 Exchange Visitor’s Program Exchange.

For those who are shopping on their own for health insurance there are many different options, and it pays to shop carefully.  To make an informed choice, begin by familiarizing yourself with the basic insurance terminology.

Some points to consider are:

  • How much of a monthly premium can you afford? 
  • Do you need individual or family coverage? 
  • Do you require coverage for routine visits and emergency care, or just emergency care?
  • Do you want prescription coverage also?
  • Do you have an existing medical condition for which you will require treatment during your stay at Yale?
  • What is the deductible?

When considering your options, keep in mind that routine visits to a doctor will cost approximately $100 to $150 per visit, which does not include any tests or medications you may need.  A trip to the emergency room will cost at least twice that amount, and a day in the hospital could cost thousands of dollars. Prescription drugs can also be quite costly, with a single prescription possibly costing $100 or more.