Staying healthy is important. It is wise to strike a balance between all aspects of life such as work, socializing, leisure, good diet, exercise and rest. It is also of primary importance that everyone has affordable access to medical care in order to keep up with yearly exams, access routine care, and to cover any emergencies or illnesses.  Indeed, since there is no free health care in the U.S. and an uninsured individual would be personally liable for all health care costs, arranging health insurance should be one of the first things you do. Because of the high cost of medical care in the U.S., in the case of a serious illness or accident in particular, the expenses could cause great hardship. Everyone, no matter how brief the visit, needs to have health insurance coverage at all times, so plan before you arrive and beware of any potential gaps in your coverage. For example, Yale Health coverage usually begins on a specific date, and an eligible individual may not be insured during the first few weeks of your visit. Clearly understand the terms of any health insurance coverage and make sure you fill in any uncovered gaps with travel insurance or an interim plan.


All students must comply with immunization requirements.  If you are a student or if you have children who will attend school or daycare in Connecticut, you must show proof of immunization, including D.P.T. and others.  It is helpful to bring proof of immunizations and full medical records from your home country.

Health Coverage Options

Options will vary depending upon an individual's circumstances. Choose your Yale affiliation below to get more information on health insurance:

Health care providers in New Haven are plentiful and include a wide range of general practice medical doctors, medical specialists, labs, rehabilitation facilities, walk-in and specialty clinics, fully-equipped hospitals, and the Yale Health Center. 




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