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There are several cell phone providers conveniently located near the Yale campus. Shop around, compare rates and services, and consider several important factors before you decide on a provider. T-Mobile has recently revised their policies to allow international students and scholars to obtain contract rates without a Social Security Number and AT&T is waiving deposits for all international students. However, this may not best suit your needs. Refer to the questions below when choosing your cell phone provider:

  • Are pre-paid plans available and is this a good option for you?
  • What are the rates for calls, text messages, data transfers, etc. Keep in mind cell phones in the U.S. charge for both incoming and outgoing calls and texts. There is usually an additional fee if you want to include wireless internet on your phone plan.
  • Is a deposit required to sign a contract? Will it be returned in full at the end of your contract?
  • If you have to terminate a contract early, will you be charged a penalty or lose your deposit?
  • Are you able to use your own phone or required to purchase a new phone? If you plan to use your own phone, be sure to obtain the code needed to “unlock” your phone for use abroad.


Cell phone service

936B Chapel Street

2100 Dixwell Avenue, Suite 103
203- 230-8542

109 Church Street

Verizon Wireless 
373 Universal Drive North

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