Getting to Know Americans

Who are these “Americans”? What makes them act the way they do? How can you tell whether or not puzzling American behavior is because of cultural conflict or individual differences?

There are no simple answers to these questions. So many factors can account for individual diversity — ethnic background, regional differences, religious or political orientation, socioeconomic class and more. It is possible, however, to examine mainstream American values and culture in order to begin to understand some Americans, some of the time. This brief exploration of some of the most influential values from mainstream U.S. culture should help you in your quest to get to know Americans and the American way of life.

A bit of advice though: As with all generalizations - apply this information carefully. Sometimes it will apply and sometimes it won’t. And above all, as you read through it, do so with an open mind. A discussion of cultural values is not about right or wrong. It’s about different ways of doing things. Remember, different can just be different.


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& Values


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mindsetAdjusting Your Mindset
(Adjusting to U.S. Life)


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buildingBehaving Responsibly

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