Federal Income Tax Filing (Resident)

To help you meet your federal tax filing obligations, the OISS has purchased GLACIER tax preparation software (GTP). GTP will first determine your residency status for tax purposes – if it has determined that you are a “resident alien for tax purposes”, you will not be able to continue with the software (as it is designed only for nonresident filers).

Disclaimer: The tax resources offered by the OISS are provided so that Yale international students and scholars can make informed personal decisions concerning their taxes. By choosing to use GLACIER Tax Prep (GTP), the online tax assistance program Yale OISS provides, you acknowledge that Yale University is not liable for any errors and incidental or consequential damages in connection with the program. OISS staff are not trained tax specialists and cannot provide individual advice on taxes. If you need further assistance, you should seek professional tax advice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or a qualified accountant or attorney.

F‐1 or J‐1 students: usually become resident aliens for federal tax purposes after being present in the U.S. for five calendar years
J‐1 scholars: usually become resident aliens for federal tax purposes after being present in the U.S. for two calendar years, including any prior time spent as an F‐1 or J‐1 visa holder)

The general information below is to assist you through the resident tax filing process.


Filing As A Resident Alien

If you have determined that you are a resident alien for tax purposes, the following information applies to you.

  • you will file Form 1040, 1040EZ, or 1040A
  • you are not required to file Form 8843
  • you must declare your worldwide income, not just your U.S. earned income
  • your bank interest is considered taxable income
  • Social Security taxes (FICA including Medicare) should be withheld from your wages
  • Some resident tax filers may still qualify for treaty benefits if the maximum presence limitation has not been met for that particular tax treaty benefit (refer to IRS Publication 901) ‐ you will need to complete Form 8833 and submit it along with your 1040.
  • If you are claiming a tax treaty benefit as a resident alien for tax purposes, mail your return to:

      Department of the Treasury
      Internal Revenue Service
      Austin, TX 73301‐0215



Need Help Filing?

OISS is unable to provide personal assistance with the completion of Forms 1040, 1040EZ, and 1040A. All federal income tax forms, instructions, and publications may be downloaded from the IRS Web site.

Here are additional resources for completing your federal income tax filing obligations:

If you owe money, make your check payable to: United States Treasury



Keep Copies!

Remember to keep copies of what you file each year (in case your return gets reviewed and there is a problem or if the IRS audits you in the future).


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