Housing Disputes

We hope you will not experience a housing dispute. However, if you do it is very important that you follow legal avenues to find a solution. Never stop paying your rent because you are unhappy with your housing situation. You lose your tenant’s rights by violating the terms of the lease if you do. You may also meet with an OISS adviser for advice on how to proceed.

For basic advice regarding leases, security deposits, repairs, utilities etc. go to www.nolo.com.

There are some local agencies that may help you settle your grievances over services that are not being provided or rent that is unfair:

  • Fair Rent Commission,165 Church St, 1st Floor, 946-8156. Settles disputes over rent.
  • Livable City Initiative, 165 Church St 3rd, Floor, 946-7090. Will assist you in disputes over services such as heat, hot water and repairs to premises.