I-94 Record


If you are a new international student or scholar:

If you are a newly arrived international student or scholar and need to check-in with OISS, you must print a paper copy of your I-94 number and bring it with you to check-in. Click the link below to enter your personal information and retrieve your I-94 record. Print the I-94 record or save it to your personal device.

Download and Print I-94

Problems finding your online I-94 record?

If you cannot locate your I-94 record in the system, please contact an advisor in OISS. The advisor may need to contact the Customs and Border Protection agency to have your record fixed. Please be prepared to give the advisor the date you arrived in the U.S., the airport you landed in, and the airline company you flew with.


For each new entry into the U.S.:

Remember to download and print a new I-94 number each time you exit and return to the U.S. Keep the most current printed I-94 number with your passport for your own records. State and federal government agencies will ask to see the I-94 record (for driver’s license, social security number, etc…) The I-94 data is your only record of being in the U.S. legally, so it is important to keep a printout with your passport at all times while inside the U.S.