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J-1 academic training is authorized by your J-1 program sponsor and does not require further authorization from the Departments of Homeland Security or State. To apply for "Academic Training," you must know who your J-1 Responsible Officer is, that is who represents your J-1 sponsor and issues your DS-2019 form. If Yale University is your sponsor, the advisers at OISS will evaluate your application and authorize you for Academic Training. If your DS-2019 was not issued by Yale University, and if you are uncertain how to reach your J-1 Responsible Officer, the staff at the OISS can assist you.


Academic training is available during your academic program and /or upon its completion. The following eligibility criteria must be met:

    1. You must be in good academic standing.
    2. The proposed employment must be directly related to your major field of study.
    3. You must maintain health insurance coverage for yourself and any J-2 dependents throughout your "Academic Training."

Amount of Employment Authorized Time Allowed

The time amounts listed below are a total amount of time available, whether the student applies to have Academic Training before or after completion of studies.

    1. Undergraduate programs: 18 months
    2. Graduate programs of study that are less than 18 months can have Academic Training only for the time equal to or less than the length of the program of study.
    3. Master's degree programs of study that are two-years or longer: 18 months
    4. Doctorate programs: Up to 36 months of Academic Training, out of which only 18 months may be used before the completion of study. Please note that a maximum of 18 months of Academic Training can be authorized at a time.

General Limitations

    1. To be authorized for academic training, you and your academic adviser must complete the Academic Adviser's Recommendation Form and submit it to OISS.
    2. The period of Academic Training must start no later than 30 days after the end of your program.
    3. Part-time employment for "Academic Training" counts against the 18 or 36 month limit at the same rate as full-time employment.
    4. Earning more than one degree does not increase your eligibility for "Academic Training."


Applying upon completion of your program of study

    1. Any Academic Training used prior to completion of studies is deducted from the total time allowed.
    2. You must obtain a written offer of appropriate employment and present a copy to the OISS no later than the ending date of your program
    3. If you plan to leave the United States after you complete your program of study and re-enter the country for J-1 Academic Training, you must obtain a new DS-2019 form before you leave.

Reporting Requirements

    1. During the Academic Training period you are required to report any changes in your home address. You can fulfill this requirement on the OISS Web site.
    2. If you change employers, you need to apply for a new period of Academic Training per the instructions above.


After Academic Training:

When your DS-2019 authorizing Academic Training expires you have 30 days to depart the U.S. of apply for a change of visa status. You may not change to another J visa category for a 12 month period due to the "12 month Bar."


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