Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Eligible Visas:
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Reporting Requirements After Graduation

During your OPT period you continue to hold F-1 status sponsored by Yale. As such, you must follow certain regulations. Your F-1 record remains in the government database, SEVIS. Any changes listed below must be reported to OISS within 10 days, so that your SEVIS record is updated. Student must report any change of:

  • legal name
  • residential or mailing address
  • employer name and address
  • loss of employment
  • change of status (i.e. to H 1B), transfer to another F-1 program


exclaimKeep records of your employment: These records are for your personal file, to present as evidence of maintaining lawful status to USCIS when applying for future immigration benefits.

Examples of records to keep:
• offer letters            
• contracts            
• payroll stubs
• letters describing volunteer activity and hours



Optional Practical Training (OPT)

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