Maintaining Legal Status

H-1B status is like a contract, and it is specific to one employer and a range of dates as listed on the I-797 Approval Notice. In order to remain in legal H-1B status the scholar must maintain each element of the original application including:

    • salary
    • work location
    • full-time
    • appointment title
  • field of work
  • job duties
  • and other conditions

If the hiring department wants to change any of these conditions they must consult with OISS first. In some cases an entire new H-1B application and fees are required to make changes in the employment.

H-1B scholars may not accept compensation, including honoraria, from any other employer or entity other than those named in the original H-1B application. Scholars in H-1B status who are invited to give a lecture off-campus, collaborate or conduct research with other schools can receive reimbursement for reasonable living and transportation costs only.

A scholar may work for more than one employer, but each employer must file a separate H-1B application.

Finally, it is important to note that all non-immigrant visa holders are required to notify USCIS within 10 days of a change of residential address. H-1B visa holders may report a change of address by completing Form AR-11 or Form AR-11SR. You can update your address on this Web site.