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H-1B temporary worker status is designated for individuals coming temporarily to the U. S. to work in a specialty occupation. The H-1B process is more complex than other immigration status and the processing time is long and inflexible. (There is no way to expedite of the Department of Labor portion.) Scholars should allow at least 8 months for the entire process including the Department of Labor (DOL) and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) processes.

waitThe H-1B application process must start with the hiring department. The instructions and resources provided here should only be used by scholars after the hiring department and the OISS have confirmed that Yale will sponsor the H-1B. You can always contact OISS if you have questions about this process.

Application Procedure


Discuss with the hiring department whether they support sponsoring you in H-1B status.


Select your H-1B category below for specific instructions and application forms:


h1b temporary worker

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Download a sheet outling the H-1B application process from start to finish.

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