Change of Level

If you are currently a Yale student, completing a program and have been admitted to a new Yale program to begin the next academic semester OISS will need to issue you new I-20 through the SEVIS system. Please visit OISS to speak with an advisor to make appropriate arrangements. You must notify OISS within 60 days of completion of your previous program.


OISS needs the following:

  • A copy of your acceptance letter to your new academic program.
  • Evidence of funds to cover the expenses of the new program for the first academic year. Refer to the school budget sheet.  A financial aid award letter from the new program, a bank or investment statement, or an outside sponsor letter or a combination of sources, are acceptable forms of evidence of funds for I-20 issuance.

If you are a Yale student admitted to a Graduate or Professional School program: OISS will obtain this information from your new program. To check if your documentation has been forwarded to OISS you may contact the appropriate Admissions Office or OISS.

If you are an undergraduate Yale College Student attending one of the Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs in the Professional School, you must bring your letter of acceptance and funding evidence to OISS during open hours.  No appointment necessary.


An OISS advisor will review your request. If there are questions, you will be contacted via email.


Once all documentation is positively reviewed, a new I-20 will be issued within 3 business days.  You will be sent an email when your new I-20 is ready for pick up.

Staying in the U.S.

You are considered legally present in the U.S in F-1 status between the two programs, as long as you have completed the above steps.

If your F-1 visa has expired, the new I-20 establishes the continuance of your F-1 stay. However, the first time you travel outside the U.S. (except to Canada or Mexico) you will need to apply for a new F-1 visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

Travel Outside the U.S.

Travel outside the U.S. in between the two programs will require that you obtain the new I-20 to present when you re-enter the U.S. 

If the current visa in the passport is valid, it can be used for new entry to the U.S. prior to the start of your new program.

If your current F-1 visa is expired, you must apply for a new F-1 visa prior to returning to the U.S., using the new program I-20.