How to Enter Your Data


Adding Your Personal Information

Login to ISD using your User Name and new password. (See Getting Started for account information.)

In the left-hand column click on edit personal information.

Using the Scholar Data Bar

You will use the Scholar Data Bar to enter your information.

data bar

You will see the Scholar Data Bar at the top of the screen when you are in your record.

Use the Scholar Data Bar to navigate to different categories, including the other category, and enter your information.

A Note About Saving Your Information

After you save your information on a page, ISD will not automatically take you to the next section. You will need to navigate to another section by clicking on a category name in the Scholar Data Bar.


ISD Visitor Help

What's required?

You can quickly tell if a field is required in ISD by looking for the red dot ().

If a field has a next to it, then it’s a required field.

Please Note: There are required fields in all categories, including ISD screens under the Other category.