Attaching Documents


Uploading Documents

At times you will be required to attach documents to your ISD record. (See the right column of this page for attachment examples.)

documentsTo attach a document, click on the documents button near the top of the screen, or click on the attach documents link in the left-hand column.


Click browse next to Document Path and find the document in your computer system.

Be sure “Is Active?” is checked.

The Display Name should match the following structure:

First initial, last name, and document type
(i.e., jsmith DS-2019)

Click the save button.

Viewing Documents You Have Uploaded

You can view the documents you have uploaded by clicking on the documents button.

In the List of Documents section, find the column marked Document Name.

Click on the document name to view a particular attachment.


ISD Visitor Help

Typical Attachments

Yale sometimes requires additional documentation for your record. Examples include:

Funding Confirmation(s)

Previous DS-2019(s)

Passport Information Page(s)

Visa Stamp(s)

Proof of Appointment

Dependent(s) Immigration Document(s)

Courier Label