Submitting to OISS

Once all the required data in the Scholar Data Bar is complete, the department should review the entire record and then submit the scholar record to the OISS.

Click on the tasks button near the top of the scholar record screen.


Click on the review and submit visitor’s information link.

ISD will show all fields that are required but have not been completed. Please navigate to missing fields using the Scholar Data Bar and provide that information.

Once all required fields have been completed, ISD will show four drop down menus at the top of the Review screen.

exclaimVery Important: DO NOT make any changes to this section.

These menus are titled:

Profile Status
Profile Type
Profile Subtype
Profile Subtype If Other

Below this section you will see all of the Scholar Data Bar categories. You can click on each category name to see a snap-shot of the data that has been entered.

In order to change data you must click on a category in the Scholar Data Bar and make your changes. Be sure to click save once you have made changes.

Submission to OISS

Once the record is complete, and all documents have been attached (including a courier label; see Attaching Documents for more information), click the submit button to send the record to OISS.

OISS will review the submitted data and contact the department and/or the scholar directly if further information is needed.


ISD Department Help

The Profile Type

The Profile Type might list a visa type different from the one you are requesting. Do not change this field.

The OISS staff will change the visa request after you submit the record to the OISS.

Changing the profile type on the review screen will cause considerable delays in processing the ISD record.

What's next?

After you submit the record the OISS will start its review. If all the information is in order, a visa document will be issued for the scholar in 3-5 business days.

If there are problems with the information you have submitted, a member of the OISS staff will contact you.

More resources for inviting an international scholar can be found on the OISS Web site.