Getting Started

At a minimum, you will need the following data in order to begin a record in ISD:


The scholar’s name as it appears in the passport


The scholar’s e-mail address


The scholar’s date of birth

ISD has two major parts:

Yale Department Data


Scholar's Personal Data

Before a record can be submitted to OISS, the data in parts I and II must be complete. The Yale Department will always complete the appointment data in Part I. A department administrator has two options for entering the scholar’s biographical information in Part II:

Option 1: Invite the scholar to fill out his/her own biographical data.

Option 2: Enter the biographical data on behalf of the scholar.

(You can learn more about these options on this page.)

Once the department appointment data and the scholar biographical data have been entered, the department will electronically submit the record to the OISS for review.

Once the OISS approves the ISD record, a Yale sponsored visa document will be issued (or in some cases, the scholar will be advised to use their own current visa) for the scholar to enter the U.S.


ISD Department Help

Keep in mind

ISD will automatically log you out every 30 minutes.

Do not use the back button on your browser once you are in ISD. Only use the links within ISD to navigate the system.

Be sure to save your information on each page often by clicking the SAVE button at the bottom or top of each screen.