The Scholar Record

The scholar information panel at the top of the screen will tell which scholar record you are currently viewing.


Contacting the Scholar

You can send an e-mail to the scholar at any point in the process by clicking on the compose email button in the scholar information panel.

Do not use this feature to invite the scholar to use ISD. See Inviting the Scholar for help with sending an invitation.

Using the Scholar Data Bar

You will see the Scholar Data Bar at the top of the screen when you are in a scholar record.

data bar

Use the Scholar Data Bar to click on different categories and enter required information, including information under the other category.

Reminder: If you invited the scholar to use ISD, some of the fields in the Scholar Data Bar will be filled out by the scholar. (See the right column of this page.)

If you did not invite the scholar to use ISD, you will be required to provide all the information asked for in the Scholar Data Bar.

See Required Fields for the complete list of required fields.


ISD Department Help

Who Does What?

If you opted to allow the scholar
to enter their own information in ISD, the information requirements will be divided as follows:

Scholar Responsibilities


Biographical Informatio
Position in Home Country
Passport and Visa Information
Education Information
Current U.S. Institution
Dependent(s) Information




Appointment Information
Funding Information
Site of Activity Address