Inviting the Scholar

Invite a Scholar to Enter Their Information

If you selected Read/Write under Visitor Permissions then you opted to allow the scholar to enter their own biographical data in ISD. You still need to invite the scholar to enter their information.

Click on the tasks button near the top of the scholar record screen.


Click on the invite visitor link.

ISD will generate a system e-mail with a link to ISD, the user name, and a unique password for the scholar. (You cannot preview this information on this screen.) If you would like to add additional information to this e-mail (i.e., a personal message), you can enter your text in the e-mail screen. Please do not alter the subject line.

Sample Invitation Text:

Dear Scholar,
Copy and paste the username and password below to access Yale’s ISD system. Be sure to download the ISD Visitor Guide and follow all instructions for inputting your personal information. Yale’s Office of International Students and Scholars will use the information you provide to issue you an immigration document which you’ll use to apply for your visa.
Your Name

If you would like to get a copy of the scholar’s invitation e-mail, be sure to include your own e-mail in the cc: or bcc: field.

Click send.

Do Not Invite the Scholar to Enter Their Information

If you selected View or None under Visitor Permissions, then you opted to enter biographical information on behalf of the scholar.

You will need to have all of the scholar’s information on hand (i.e., address information, dependent information, etc…) in order to proceed with ISD.

Edit Visitor Login and Permissions

You can change a scholar’s permission settings at any point in the process. Click on tasks at the top of the screen (once you are in a scholar record), and then edit visitor login permissions.

After you change the permissions, be sure to click the save button again.


ISD Department Help

The Scholar
is locked out!

If the scholar enters the wrong ISD password more than three times, they will be locked out of ISD.

You can unlock their account by clicking on the Tasks button, then click the Edit Visitor Login and Permissions link.

Under Login Information, check the Reset Password box.

Click Save and ISD will e-mail the scholar new login instructions.