Creating a Record


How to Add a Visitor/Scholar

Login to ISD using your User Name and new password. (See Managing Your Account for account information.) In the left-hand column click on add visitor and begin the data entry. Enter the required information noting the following details:

Basic Information:

  • Enter the scholar’s name as it appears on the passport.
  • The Campus ID should be left blank.
  • For Campus select Yale University.
  • For Department, select your Yale department from the pull down menu.

Login Information:

Enter the scholar’s e-mail address and create a User Name.

It is best to use the scholar’s NetID as a User Name whenever possible.

If the NetID is not available at this time, you can create any User Name. It’s a good practice to make a User Name that is easily recalled by you and the scholar—such as first initial, last name, and department/school acronym (jsmithSOM). This User Name will be used for the duration of the scholar’s interactions with ISD and cannot be changed.

Visitor Permissions:

Select   Result



If you would like the scholar to add his/her own
biographical information. (The OISS strongly
recommends selecting this option.)




If you will enter the biographical data for the scholar, but would like the scholar to check the data. You invite the scholar to ISD, but they can only view data.




If you will enter the biographical information for the scholar, and you do not want the scholar to have access to ISD.


Be sure to click save.


ISD Department Help

Duplicate Record?

If you get a message saying
Duplicate Records Found, please contact the OISS before proceeding.

Changing Permissions

You can change the scholar’s
settings at any point in the ISD process. See Edit Login Permissions on the Inviting the Scholar Web page.