Appointment Information


Select school name and enter a start date that allows sufficient time for processing (e.g., 30 days for a J-1 visa; 4-6 months for an H-1B visa).

Job Title: Use the drop down menu to choose the approved University title. If you do not see the title, please write the correct title in the box.

Scholars Field of Specialization: Please use the pull-down menu to the right to select the proper field. Do not use the free text field.

For Percentage of Activity, please enter the percentage of time the scholar will spend in the following categories: research, teaching, clinical, and/or other. Be certain that your numbers add up to 100%. (For example, you might enter "75% Teaching, 25% Research," or "100% Teaching".)

Select the appropriate mailing option.

Request a visa type or leave this field blank if you are not sure which visa is appropriate.

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Special attachment requirement:
For Visiting Fellow, Laboratory Associate, PostGraduate Associate, Post Graduate Fellow appointments, the OISS requires proof of appointment. See Attaching Documents for more information.