Money Matters

Most people set up their bank accounts in their first days in New Haven. It normally takes a few days before funds are available so it is a good idea to bring a credit card for purchases or an ATM bank card to draw cash from your local account in U.S. currency.

You should anticipate needing funds (minimum $1,500) for the following:

  • airport-to-Yale transportation
  • getting short-term housing
  • meals
  • purchasing things you need to set up house

Remember that it can take several days to have money wired from your country directly into your U.S. account.


It is never a good idea to travel with large amounts of cash, but you should probably get some U.S. currency before you leave your country. If possible, try to get some one-dollar bills so that you will be able to rent a cart for your luggage from the automatic dispenser in the airport. (You can also use a credit card to rent a cart.) One-dollar bills are also handy to use as tips for people who assist you with your bags, or for taxi fare and tips.

Note that persons entering the U.S. with cash exceeding $10,000 must complete a Currency Report Form in addition to the Declaration Form. Failure to complete this additional form can result in civil and/or criminal penalties, including seizure of the cash.