Housing Information



Housing Arrangements


Undergraduate Students


You will be automatically assigned on-campus housing. You will receive your residential college information from Yale College in July.


Graduate and Professional (G&P) students and Yale Scholars


Please consult our Housing Resource pages under Life at Yale on this Web site.


Important Housing Advice

exclaimWith the exception of Yale University Properties, do not sign a lease for any property that you have not seen in person.

A lease is a legally binding agreement and there is no simple way to break it. Even if you were to find the conditions to be uninhabitable, you would still be responsible for the rent payment for the terms of the lease. You are also responsible for the rental costs of the remaining months if you leave before your lease expires. You can expect to pay at least $700/month for a one bedroom apartment, $1,000/month for a two bedroom apartment and a minimum of $400/month for a room in a shared apartment.

Most apartments are rented unfurnished. Students looking for short term leases can use the resources found on the Housing page of the Life at Yale section of this Web site. Temporary housing, such as a hotel or bed-and-breakfast, is expensive, so people with spouses or families may want to come alone to find housing.