Yale College International Peer Liaisons

These undergraduate students are here to help you connect with the wealth of support at Yale College. They will be delighted to hear from any incoming freshmen if you have questions or concerns. Or you can write to them just to say hello!

Sam Broughton


Hello everyone! My name is J. Sam Broughton, and I'm a rising senior in Saybrook College from Canada's lovely capital of Ottawa, Ontario. Being from a largely bilingual city, I have some knowledge of (very English sounding) French, and took a French language course for my language requirement at Yale. As a biology major and pre-med student, I have many health-related interests: I volunteer with the Hypertension Awareness and Prevention Program, and Red Cross at Yale, and am involved in cardiovascular genetics research at Yale's School of Medicine. I am also passionate about community service, and volunteer with No Closed Doors, a part of Yale's Hunger and Homelessness Action Project. Finally, I enjoy athletics, and am a member of Yale's varsity fencing team. In my spare time, you can find me catching up on Game of Thrones and New Girl, or chowing into some pad Thai from one of New Haven's many Thai restaurants and food carts. I'm tremendously excited to get to know you all and hear about your interests!

Juliet Caragianis, TD ‘15


Hey 2018 Internationals! I'm Juliet Caragianis and I am from right next door in pretty little Ottawa, Canada. I'm in Timothy Dwight College, class of 2015. I study political science, am a member of a sorority and also work as a Community and Consent Educator with the Dean's office. I sort of speak French, sort of speak Greek and would even say I only sort of speak English. My favourite things to do at school are attend A cappella concerts, sit in courtyards on sunny days and check out all the amazing restaurants New Haven has to offer. If you have any questions, please email me! I can't wait to meet you all!

Linh Nguyen, SM, ‘15


Greetings from Yale!!! My name is Linh Nguyen, and I am a rising senior from Hanoi, Vietnam. At Yale, I call Silliman College my home away from home. I am a Political Science major with an interdisciplinary focus on International Development Aid. I am also part of Yale's first cohort of Education Studies Program, and I hope to combine these two academic interests in my future career. Besides serving as one of the OISS Peer Counselors last year, I have been very involved with the Yale Vietnamese Student Associations, Alliance of Southeast Asian Students, and Yale International Relations Association. I love to eat (pho, anyone?), read, and hang out with my friends over froyo. Thanks to Yale’s generosity, I have also been able to spend my summers in Beijing, London, and Singapore participating in classes and working for the Yale Bulldogs Program.  I am very excited to welcome you all to the wonderful international community at Yale College, and I am sure each and every one of you will have the time of your life here!!! Please feel free to email me over the summer if you have any questions, and I look forward to see you all in August!!!

Esther Soma, JE ‘16


Hamjambo wote! My name is Esther Soma, a rising junior in Jonathan Edwards College from South Sudan and Kenya. I am more than excited to serve as an international student peer liaison and be there for you as you embark on one of the most exciting experiences of your life. I am a Global Affairs major with a very keen interest in music, poetry, international relations, governance, human rights, women empowerment, amongst others. I spent the spring semester of my sophomore year comparatively studying Human Rights in Nepal, Jordan and Chile - one of the best decisions of my Yale career! Any freshmen out there who would love to study abroad or is interested in Human Rights, feel free to talk to me about it. Thanks to Yale’s International Summer Award (ISA) I will be spending this summer in London, taking classes at London School of Economics. At Yale, I have been involved with the Yale World Fellows liaison program, the Yale African Students Association, Asempa! (Yale’s premier afro-pella) and Yale Faith and Action. If you have any questions about any of these activities, what classes to shop, or if you just want someone to talk to, feel free to reach out to me. I can’t wait to meet you all and welcome you to Yale, my home away from home.

Vivath Ly


Sour Sdey, Sour Sdey! I am Vivath Ly, a rising junior in Branford College. I grew up in Cambodia, but I completed high school in Singapore. At Yale, I am an Economics & Mathematics major, with a focus on finance, econometrics, and health economics. Besides economics, I also enjoy taking classes in film studies, political science, public health…well, you get the idea! I’m one of those who want to learn everything about everything. Outside of class, I am the Marketing Director for the Yale Dramatic Association and a member of the Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund and Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group. I was also the Secretary of Sophomore College Council and a Counselor for OIS 2013! This Summer, I am staying in New Haven, juggling between internships at the Yale Office of Development, Yale Global Health Leadership Institute, and a film studies class. But more importantly, I am here getting ready to meet all of you! Oh, if you have any question, feel free to reach out to me through e-mail or Facebook (It’s really easy to find me on FB. I am one of the few “Vivath”s on that site). See you soon!

Han Myo (Edward) Oo


Mingalabar! I’m Edward Han Myo Oo (you can call me Ed, Edward, Han Myo or even Oo) and I’m from Yangon, Myanmar. I am Architecture major, but I’m also interested in Art, Design, Chinese, Southeast Asia, Business and Entrepreneurship. Having been a Head Counselor for OIS 2013, I now look forward to becoming a PL and acting as an 'older brother' throughout your freshman year and beyond. At Yale, I co-founded The Myanmar Project to raise awareness about issues back home and to empower Burmese refugee youth in Hartford. I've been involved with the Yale Jashan Bhangra team, Q Magazine (Yale’s LGBTQ Magazine), the Alliance for Southeast Asian Students, and the Global Undergraduate Economic Forum. I also spent my summers interning in Thailand, studying abroad in China and doing independent travel in Japan. Ask me anything, or say hello.

Chen Wang


Hi everyone!  My name is Chen Wang (TC’ 15).  I grew up and went to school in Beijing, China.  In my junior year, I went on an exchange year to St. Albans School in Washington, D.C.  This experience ultimately led to my decision of applying to American colleges and Yale specifically.  Unfortunately, during this exchange year I also became a die-hard D.C. sports fan.  I have developed a high tolerance of pain after going through all the heartbreak with the Wizards, the Redskins, and the Nationals.  At Yale, I’m a varsity track athlete specializing in short sprinting events.  Prior to joining the track team sophomore year, I was part of the intramural basketball champion team for Trumbull (albeit C-Hoops, I claim profession basketball skills).  Academically, I’m a Political Science and Economics double major.  I developed a strong interest in political economy theories after completing the Directed Studies program in freshman year.  Please reach out to me (Snapchat preferred) with any questions you have.  But more importantly, I’d love to know you personally and make sure you all have a wonderful start of your Yale life.  I wish you all a happy summer and see you soon on campus.


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