OHV 289 a-e

Interviewed by Eva Soltes

New York, NY

May 26, 1998



Cassette Side a                                                                                                            

Transcripts pp. 1-13


Ashley's early period--sculptor Milton Cohen's Space Theater--Gordon Mumma--Anne Wehrer--Roger Reynolds--Keith Waldrop--Burning Books--ONCE Festival--core people performing Ashley's work--Sonic Arts Union:  Alvin Lucier, Gordon Mumma, Dave Behrman--Mills College--psychoacoustics and language--Speech Research Laboratories at University of Michigan--Roberto Gerard--Nick Bertoni--television as presenter--for contemporary music--Music with Roots in the Aether:  David Behrman, Philip Glass, Alvin Lucier, Gordon Mumma, Pauline Oliveros--Terry Riley--Phil Makanna--Center for Contemporary Music--cable television--Perfect Lives--The Park--The Backyard--opera as television form--Ashley's concept of opera--Improvement--David Rosenboom.


Cassette Side b                                                                                                           

Transcripts pp. 13-25


Ashley's "band":  Jackie Humbert, Don Buckner, Tom Hamilton, Sam Ashley, Joan La Barbara, Amy X. Neuburg, Marghreta Cordero--Florida Grand Opera--Relache Ensemble-- Outcome Inevitable--eL/Aficionado--language and music--Tourette's Syndrome--Perfect Lives--stream of consciousness--Ashley's libretti--influence of William Carlos Williams, William Faulkner, James Joyce--electronics for music--Center for Contemporary Music--Maggie Payne, Paul De Marinis, John Bischoff--Chris Brown--David Rosenboom--Perfect Lives--Music with Roots in the Aether.


Cassette Side c                                                                                                            

Transcripts pp. 25-31


Atalanta (Acts of God)--structure for improvisation--”Blue” Gene--libretto--core piece--Mills College--David Rosenboom.


Cassette Side d                                                                                                           

Transcripts pp. 31-44


Trisha Brown Dance Company--Robert Geary--Son of Gone Fishin'--Mimi Johnson and performing Artservices--Phil Glass, Lucinda Childs, John Cage, Richard Foreman, Melissa Fenley, Sam Shepard--libretti--collaboration of "band" members--Balseros libretto--Immortality Songs--When Famous Last Words Fail You--Immortality Song:  Your Money My Life Goodbye--Now Eleanor's Idea--Improvement--Foreign Experience--el/Aficionado.


Cassette Side e                                                                                                            

Transcripts pp. 44-56


Low Riders--Now Eleanor's Idea--American Composers Orchestra--Immortality Songs--David Rosenboom--spoken voice vs. sung voice--"ranting"--When Famous Last Words Fail You--Dust--support for the arts in our century--Michael Rouse--television--Your Money My Life Goodbye.


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