OHV 72a

Major Figures in American Music: Luciano Berio

Interviewered by Vivian Perlis

November 16, 1973

Yale University, New Haven


Early years in Italy, family history -- World War II -- experience as smuggler -- study with Ghedini -- early composition; influence of Jean Christophe -- pedagogical writing vs. creative writing -- institutionalized music in our society -- relatively late exposure to contemporary music -- influence of Stravinsky and Milhaud in 1948 Magnificat -- style as a false notion -- experiences in Milan, association with Pousseur, Maderna, Stockhausen, Boulez -- Tanglewood 1952 -- exposure to taped music, Luening and Ussachevsky -- electronic studio in Milan with Maderna -- Incontri Musicali -- visual notation, importance of non-traditional notation -- Francis Pierre and harp Sequenza


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