Nadia Boulanger

with Vivian Perlis

36 rue Ballu


June 2, 1976



Cassette Side a:                                                                                                            pg. 1-18


Views on education, importance of concern for other people--discussion of opera written by fourteen-year-old student--the role of the teacher, allowing the student to develop as an individual, while within certain limitations--inadequacy of words, in attempting to express one's deepest feelings --reminiscences about mother--importance of accepting one's limitations--discussion about Copland, Carter, Koussevitzky--reminiscences about influential teachers in Boulanger's life: mother, organ professor, Fauré, sister.


Cassette Side b:                                                                                                           pg. 19-26


Discussion about Penderecki--Hugh Robertson--Theodore Chanler--Olga Koussevitzky--Claire Reis, Minna Lederman--Madame Longy--discussion about earliest American students: Melville Smith, Copland, Herbert Elwell, Walter Piston--national characteristics among students of the world.