Helen Boatwright                                                                               347 a,b

With Drew Massey

October 8, 2005

Fayetteville, NY




Side a

Disk 1                                                                                       pp. 1-26


Aaron Copland at Tanglewood—singing for Copland—invitation to Yaddo from Normand Lockwood—singing Louise Talma song cycle—Quincy Porter—meeting Elliott Carter and John Kirkpatrick—Wallingford Riegger—Overtone recording label—Howard Boatwright’s direction of music at the St. Thomas Church—singing the Schütz Christmas Oratorio—recording the Schütz—singing Ives—recordings—Ives Songs—Horatio Parker and George Chadwick—Brahms’s Songs—singing for the 1974 Ives festival—Ives’s Songs—Ives’s “The Greatest Man”—Helen Boatwright’s family—early experiences singing—Beekman Cannon—eldest sister goes to Oberlin—singing Schubert’s “Allmacht”—vocal study with Anna Shram Imig—study of German—study at Oberlin—meeting Howard Boatwright—auditioning for the Met—winning the National Federation of Music Clubs competition—meeting Howard in Los Angeles for the finals of the competition—party for Helen at Oberlin—Ernst Bacon—Howard gets a job in Texas—marrying Howard—doing concerts in Mexico—traveling in Europe—folk dancing—founding the Ecole Hindemith.


Side b

Disk 2                                                                                       pp. 26-42


Meeting Bernstein at Tanglewood—Bernstein with Boston Symphony in New Haven----singing Bernstein’s songs—singing American songs—importance of American songs—singing in India—bringing Ravi Shankar to Yale—Ives’s songs—Kirkpatrick—Karel Husa—Vaughan Williams performances done with Kirkpatrick—singing oratorio, specifically Messiah—Arion Society—Sarah Caldwell—singing for Leinsdorf—with the Dessoff Choir—meeting Alfred Mann—good review from Paul Henry Lang—her broad repertoire—teaching and performing—H. Wiley Hitchcock—“Eleven Songs and Two Harmonizations” of Ives—John Richard Burns.